Precision glass cutting is at the core of KS’ numerous fabrication capabilities.  KS has numerous ways to cut glass to a customer’s exact specifications.  Our glass cutting ranges from an incredibly tightly tolerance CNC cut to an economical hand cut for jobs not as tightly specified.  KS uses a Water Jet to cut holes, curves, shapes and cutouts.
Here is a brief list of the cutting equipment KS uses in a daily basis:
Water Jet
Scribe Cutting Table
Precision Sawing
Laser Cutting
Tube & Rod Cutting
Hand Cutting

Whether your glass project requires a quick cut for a large format industrial application or your project calls for the most tightly tolerance cut (link to precision slicing & dicing) for an optical application – KS has you covered.

CNC Glass Machining from KS delivers precision glass components that meet the tightest tolerances and the highest industry standards.  KS can CNC just about any shape imaginable. If you can draw it – we can CNC it. Our custom CNC glass processing produces incredibly consistent results from small prototype runs to large volume production runs.
KS can fabricate the most complex geometries with the tightest tolerances.  This is accomplished through a combination of state-of-the-art CNC machines, experienced machine operators and robotics.

CNC Glass Fabrication – Drilling

KS can drill numerous types of holes in just about any type of glass

Through holes
Blind holes
Step holes
Top of the line machinery and extensive industry knowledge make nothing impossible when it comes to glass fabrication and edging.  The glass edging capabilities offered by KS Glass provide top of the line accuracy, cosmetically flawless chip-free edges and high-volume throughput.
KS is dedicated to providing streamlined glass fabrication solutions for a wide range of applications.

Precision glass drilling is just one component of KS’ deep line up of glass fabrication capabilities. Glass drilling is an essential component to numerous finished glass products including doors, mirrors, lighting shades, display covers, military applications and many more. Glass drilling is always down before the glass is heat tempered or chemically strengthened.

Glass drilling from KS is not limited to just a hole drilled in the glass.  We can drill numerous types of holes in numerous types of glass.

Stepped holes
Tapered/countersink holes
Shaped holes
Blind holes
Heat tempered glass, also referred to as safety glass, is used in the toughest applications requiring high impact strength, resistance to thermal stress and a safety break pattern.  
Heat strengthened glass is specified for applications where fully heat tempering the glass may not be an option due to the thickness of the glass or type of glass.  Heat strengthened glass typically yields a slightly better cosmetic surface than fully heat tempered glass but will not break into a full safety dice pattern.  
Chemically strengthened glass is typically used for thinner glass applications or applications requiring pristine surface quality such as an electronic displays or cover glass.  KS chemically strengthens sodalime glass, non-glare glass and also high-ion exchange materials such as Corning Gorilla Glass.
Custom screen printing of glass is often the final process to complete the glass fabrication from KS.  The platform selected for custom printed glass is always determined by the customer’s specific needs.The screen printing can be applied to ultra thin glass, chemically strengthened glass, tempered glass and float glass.

Custom printed glass is performed on either a semi-automatic printer or automated printer within a Class 1000 or Class 10,000 cleanroom. The most popular glass types screen printed by KS is Gorilla & Dragontail Glass.

Surface reflection as low as 0.10% 
Increases light transmission 
Designed for UV, visible, IR spectrums or combination
Flat glass, Molded optics, heat tempered glass, Gorilla® Glass, borosilicate, acrylic, polycarbonate
Oleophobic option for improved cleanability and fingerprint resistance

Anti-Reflection coatings are single or multilayer dielectric layers that are applied to a glass or polymer substrate to eliminate or reduce surface reflection.  KS Glass provides anti-reflection coatings and anti-reflection windows, also able to provide durable anti-reflective coated optics leveraging our extensive substrate inventory, precision fabrication equipment and some of the largest, fastest, cutting-edge deposition equipment in China.

Surface reflection as low as 0.10%


Increases light transmission


Designed for UV, visible, IR spectrums or combination
Flat glass, Molded optics, heat tempered glass, Gorilla® Glass, borosilicate, acrylic, polycarbonate
Oleophobic option for improved cleanability and fingerprint resistance

Konshen Glass Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2002. We focus on designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and selling different kinds of glasses. We operate our in-house facilities to work on your OEM/ODM projects. Our experienced engineers are enabling us to meet your customized requirements.

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