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ITO Glass
Most Innovative Frost Smart Glass Film Use For Smart Window Film Switchable PDLC Film
Touch Screen Ito Fto Coated Glass Toughened Glass 60 x 60 x 1.1mm 6 ohm/sq Conductive Glass
ITO Conductive Glass For Laboratory Use 50x50x1.1mm, 6-9 ohm / sq Customized ITO Glass
Dynamic face recognition temperature detection access control high-definition anti-reflection toughen
1mm2mm99% Ar glass, ultra-white Ar coated glass, tempered glass factory custom processing
Custom AR glass,1mm-25mm thick, can be single-sided lake or double-sided AR coated glass processing
Chinese manufacturers produce large AR glass-covered transparent displays AR glass price
Display AR glass is highly transparent to reduce reflection of toughened glass panels

Konshen Glass Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2002. We focus on designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and selling different kinds of glasses. We operate our in-house facilities to work on your OEM/ODM projects. Our experienced engineers are enabling us to meet your customized requirements.

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