• 2mm 3mm Tempered Display Cover Glass For Electronic Screen
  • 2mm 3mm Tempered Display Cover Glass For Electronic Screen
  • 2mm 3mm Tempered Display Cover Glass For Electronic Screen
  • 2mm 3mm Tempered Display Cover Glass For Electronic Screen
  • 2mm 3mm Tempered Display Cover Glass For Electronic Screen

2mm 3mm Tempered Display Cover Glass For Electronic Screen

Short Description:
Cover glass is made from toughened glass, which is cut, ground, coated and silk-screened to create the customised glass cover required by the product, which is used to cover and protect the displays of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets a

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The purpose of the cover glass is to protect the electronic display from damage caused by scratches, cracks, and impacts. It also helps to reduce glare and improve the clarity and visibility of the display. Cover glass can be customized to match the specifications of a particular device, such as the size, shape, and curvature of the display.

Cover glass is widely used in various applications, such as automotive displays, medical devices, and industrial equipment. In these applications, the cover glass is designed to protect the display from damage caused by harsh environments, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration.

Overall, cover glass is a critical component of many electronic devices, providing protection and durability to the display while also enhancing its visibility and usability.

Edge Treatment

Technical Parameters:

Product Name2mm 3mm Tempered Display Cover Glass For Electronic Screen
MaterialClear/Ultra Clear Float Glass, Low-e Glass, Frosted Glass(Acid Etched Glass), Tinted glass, Borosilicate Glass, Ceramic Glass, AR glass, AG glass, AF glass, ITO glass, etc.
ShapeCustomize and per drawing
Edge TreatmentStraight, Round, Bevelled, Stepped; Polished, Grinded, CNC
Tempered styleChemistry / Physical Tempered
PrintingSilk Screen Printing – Customize
PackagePaper interlayer, then wrapped by Kraft paper then placed in Safely Export Wooden Case
ApplicationHome/Hotel/industrial Appliance/Display
CertificateISO9001, 3C, RoHS, REACH, HF
Supply ability950,000 Pieces per Month
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Company Profile

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Cover Glass:

Smart home tempered glass switch
Laptop and tablet computer screens
Mobile devices
Touchscreen devices
Optical components
High strength glass articles

Lighting Glass:

Airport glass
Street glass
Garden glass

Coated Glass:

LCD display
TFT display
Lighting glass panel
Gym display
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ITO Glass:

Digital microfluidic devices
Display and other Optoelectronic devices
Solar cell fabrication
As substrates for Barium Vanadate films
EMF/EMI/EMC/RFI/HF Shielding applications
Flat antennas for mobile communication
De-icing applications
ITO glass heater and antistatic windows
ITO defrosting coating use for aerospace technology
Use in camera and Spectro-electrochemistry
Organic Light Emitting Diode [OLED] and Electro- Luminescent Display [ELD]
Photovoltaic cell making
Switchable Windows
Biological devices and use as a cell culture substrate
Display technology such as LCD, Plasma Display, Flat Panel Display


Step 1: PE film coating(Normally) / paper(For seashipment prevent wet).
Step 2: Kraft paper for fixation.
Step 3: Carton for glass safety protection.
Step 4: Custom make plywood case with hinge for custom(fumigation + convenient inspection) convenience.
Step 5: Packing strap for further fixation.
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